What Hammond Scribe Does:

Anyone can write their life story.  Unfortunately, not many of us will ever do it.


Telling your story is truly what it’s all about.   From playing in mud puddles as a child, to what you are doing today, Hammond Scribe will put your memories into print, pictures, or sound.  Your story will be written accurately and professionally for you to proudly share with your family and friends for now - and for future generations.

Hammond Scribe keeps it simple.  Your book with pictures can include your childhood and teenage years,

what it was like to be a young adult, your military career (if you were in the military), family and work, and what you’re doing today.  Maybe some words of wisdom for your kids and grandkids? 

Hammond Scribe will make your story happen from start to finish.  Your story is your own and will not be marketed by Hammond Scribe.  It will be published on high quality materials available to you for your family and friends.  Your cost depends on the services that you choose to use.  The time frame usually ranges from four weeks to six months.  This includes all interviews, writing, revisions, layout, design, proofing and publishing. 

I will interview you for about an hour for each chapter.  After each interview, your chapter drafts will be emailed or mailed to you for your approval. You can provide pictures or documents that you would like to use too.  When the final draft of your story is complete to your satisfaction, you can order additional copies for your family and friends.

Need something simple and beautiful?  You can summarize your story on a one-page 11 x 14 framed story with your pictures, double matted in a beautiful 16 x 20  cherrywood frame.  You may want to share your thoughts on a special family member.  How about a successful business or military career and its unique experiences?  Maybe you’d like to highlight your experiences from elementary through high school or college?  A memorable love story, special anniversary, pet, athletic achievement, or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation could also be highlighted.  This process goes quicker, as your framed story will be ready in about two weeks.  After our interview, I will transcribe and layout the draft which will be emailed or mailed for your feedback.  Upon your approval, I will have your story printed and framed.  Your document will be preserved on high quality acid-free paper and ready for you to proudly display at home, work, or wherever you’d like.


For a framed success story, the cost is $400.  For books, the price will vary depending on the number of pages and materials.  Pricing includes all interviewing, writing, revisions, layout design, proofing, and publishing.  Additional books and framed documents are available too.  


If you’ve already written your story and would like it edited or published, Hammond Scribe will help you get it done.  Whether you’re just starting, or almost finished with your story, we are glad to work with anyone who wants to finish their story.  If you’d like to tell your story with pictures, Hammond Scribe can put together a Photo Movie on a DVD or have your photographs published to a book.  If you have difficulty writing your story, we can digitally interview you and have an audio CD prepared for your family. 


Hammond Scribe Guide.  This guide will walk you everything you’ll need to know to write your own book - from start to finish.  Click to the Hammond Scribe Guide” title on this website, contact me at

hammondscribe@comcast.net, or call 425-345-4928 to place your order. 


You’ve done some amazing things and have changed people’s lives.  Share that story with your family, friends, and future generations.


It’s your story - and it is important.


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